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New York City is becoming more energy conscience by the minute and building heat loss is one of the largest waste of energy in the united states. Building energy loss has a significant effect on the environment and on the cost of maintaining a building. Darius Toraby Architects has been hired as consultants for variety of properties, ranging from 56 story commercial buildings, 1 Bryant Park -Bank of America Tower, to 1 family brownstones to review, inspect and resolve deficient building envelope details. Darius Toraby Architects provides consulting for new and old construction to identify and manage waterproofing and building envelope deficiencies. Our office has extensive experience reviewing plans and inspecting buildings to mitigated water and air infiltration, which causes costly heat loss and water damage. Our services include identifying infiltration, developing repair specifications, preparation of Department of Building and Landmark Preservation Commission filing documents, expediting, and project management during all construction phases. Our office will be able to decrease the cost of maintenance and increase the overall efficiency of your building.

AOL Time Warner Center

One Bryant Park

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Green Roof Design & Waterproofing.  


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Tile & Shingle Roofing.


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Metal Roofs.


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EPDM & TPO Roofing.


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Hot Fluid Applied Roofing.

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