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Maintaining building facades to protect public safety is among the most important responsibilities with which Architects, Engineers and Building Owners are entrusted.


New York City law requires all buildings greater than 6 stories in height to be inspected  on a regular, five-year cycle, with reports submitted to the Department of Buildings attesting to the buildings’ safety.  For the latest reporting cycle the law has changed, with redefined reporting requirements and tougher standards for safety and enforcement.

Darius Toraby Architects' decades of experience with exterior restoration, facade inspection and preparation of Local Law 11 reports enable us to responsibly and accurately assess facade conditions, prepare reports that are fully responsive to the latest requirements and assist building owners in managing their compliance with this critically important law. 

Please call to speak with one of ours Facade Safety Program specialists to answer your questions about the changes to the law or to request a fee proposal for an inspection and report preparation services.

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