Darius Toraby Architects, P.C. is a full service architectural firm providing thoughtful solutions to the challenges of design and restoration.


Originally founded in 1972 as Thompson, Robinson, Cecil, Inc., the firm built a solid foundation in the design of traditional residences.  In 1983, Thompson, Robinson, Toraby, Inc., expanded its field of expertise to include restoration, waterproofing, renovation, and interior design, establishing itself as a top full service firm. 


Since 1983, Darius Toraby RA, P.C. has continued the pursuit of perfection in the field of historic restoration. At the core of the firm’s philosophy is a commitment to the preservation of the built environment. Such a commitment has lead to Darius Toraby RA, P.C. being named one of New York’s Top Ten Co-op and Condo Architectural and Engineering Firms three times in the last five years.


With an aggregate staff of 15, coming from diverse backgrounds, Darius Toraby RA, P.C. offers tremendous flexibility in undertaking architectural projects of varied scale and scope. We provide years of experience in meticulous attention to detail.


Restoration is necessary to preserve the forms of the built environment for tomorrow, as well as today. Towards this end, the firm serves as consultants to individuals, private foundations, co-op boards and others who require our specific knowledge of materials, sources of deterioration, and technologically advanced techniques of repair as well as our careful analysis to preserve and restore facades and interiors to their originally intended form.


Darius Toraby Architects, P.C. is a full service firm, capable of executing every aspect of the restoration process. Most importantly, we are capable of accurately determining what masonry and waterproofing repairs/restorations need to be performed. Proper repairs start with a proper diagnosis. We take pride in coupling accurate diagnosis with rigorous inspection for first quality repair work. Good repair is too expensive unless it properly addresses the causes of the failures.


As a vital aspect of restoration, up to date knowledge of roofing & waterproofing installations is essential. We have specialized in these areas of restoration for over twenty seven years. We have developed the knowledge and expertise to quickly determine specific causes of failure, and are able to provide an accurate and concise course of action and repair to restore the building to its original condition.


Maintaining building facades and to protect public safety is among the most important of the responsibilities with which the architects and building owners are entrusted. Our professional staff is fully trained to perform Exterior Facade inspections and prepare all required repair drawings, specifications and submittals.


Our many years of experience enable us to accurately identify areas of deterioration, and to recommend reasoned courses of action, taking into consideration the concerns of building owners, as well as the requirements of the law.


Armed with the latest, up to date computer technology, and a fully qualified diverse staff, we are prepared to undertake the most demanding projects with unmatched efficiency, dedication and confidence.